Multi-award winning International artist, Mike Akox to release new single

Over his 15-year-career, Mike Akox has done some memorable work in various genres, always managing to tap into authentic and relatable stories which have led him to return to his roots exploring the vibrant colour within afrobeats. The Ghanaian-born star who brought us party anthems like Gyae Roff and Le Lele is back with another masterpiece that’s set to be on every DJ’s track list. Sorry, to be released March 26th, is just one example of Akox’s incredible talent and ability to master his art.

This three-time AAMMA (Afro Australia Music and Movie Awards) recipient, who works best when immersed in beats and rhythms, marries his relentless stream of fresh ideas and sounds with technical expertise to accomplish noteworthy music. His dynamic process allowed Mike to achieve the incredible feat of creating Sorry, an elaborate apology letter for broken promises, in one 15 minute recording session.

The commendable results of his dynamic process will be available for you all to witness this Sunday when the single, with its accompanying music video, are released on all online streaming platforms.

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