BREAK: FOLK Magazine Issue 2 Callout

Welcome to our 2nd issue: BREAK


As we straddle on the cusp of a decade that cradles both promise and austerity, we pose some questions:
When will we start burning sh*t?
What to do with the last decade of habitable life?
How do we press pause-find joy, in it all?

In this issue we invite artists to respond to this idea of BREAK.

We welcome the following forms:

  • Visual: Photography, Illustration, Painting
  • Literary: Poetry, Short story, Essay
  • Multiform: We’re as excited as you are. Pitch it to us. We’ll see if we can print it*

If you’ve got something in mind that’s not above- get in touch- let’s see what we can do.

*We’re known to throw some unmissable launch events- so if you work in a medium that’s better suited to a live space, we wanna hear from you too.


Thanks to support from Australia Council, we’re able to continue our commitment to paying the artists we publish.

Check out the First Print Issue.

Meet the Contributing Artists to Issue 1.