Don’t Touch My Hair

By Cydnei Chevaghn

Yes my hair is different than yours
as you can clearly see
but just because it’s different
does not make me a freak
To run your fingers through my curls and let it tangle up
sends chills all down my spine and fills my throat with lumps
You squish and fluff and pet,
as if I am part dog.
excited by the texture, you whine “oh my gosh it’s so soft”
you wish you had hair like mine
thinking about all the styles you’d make
but baby if you had this hair
you’d realize that thought is fake
to comb and twist and braid and cut
too much work to keep it up
and after telling you all this you still want it, well darling Wish You Luck!
Just know next time you see me, if you must then stop and stare,
But for crying out loud please DONT touch my hair!

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