The last time I was in Ghana was in 2007. A lot had changed in the decade since I last there and my vision being home was to simply capture that.
Chalewote Street Art Festival in Accra, now in its eighth year, brings thousands of people to Ghana’s Capital for a week of exhibitions (over 200 artist this year), movie premieres, music and dance. A cultural display I haven’t seen anywhere else I have been to, from London and now Sydney.


Richmond Dido Ghana 6
Richmond Dido Ghana 7
Headshot. A young black man wearing glasses and a silk kerchief around his neck bathed in auburn light light. He looks down the barrel.
A young Ghanaian woman with a short platinum afro looking at the camera. She sits amongst other people facing towards the right.
Midshot. 2 Ghanaian men look at the camera. The man on the left, wrapped in red and white kente clothe, holds up an umbrella, partially shading the other man on the right. He wears yellow and green kente clothe. Behind them 2 young men are speaking to each other.
Richmond Dido Ghana 8

The historic Jamestown neighbourhood is home of the Festival packed with people celebrating Ghana's rich and vibrant culture and arts and it was a pleasure to have been able to witness and document the unique style, tradition, beauty and identity each artist brought to the festival.

Upclose. A young girl looks to the left, with a ribbon pushing her afro back, sits on the shoulders of a young black man who looks downward. The background is a wall mural featuring a prominent face

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